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Schedule a free Meet & Greet

Find a runner and determine if you, your runner and your pooch are a good match!

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Book a Jog For Your Dog

Manage all aspects of your Dog’s Jog from any device.

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Get a Jog Summary & Review

Use our app to review a jog including a GPS map and run data!

Jogs for Dogs Certified

JFD Certified Runners are the top of the pack! At JFD our goal is to set up Dog Owners with professional, responsible, reliable, and awesome Dog Runners. Certified Joggers undergo serious hands-on training and are certified by Jogs for Dogs.

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Recent Jogs For Dogs

What is Jogs for Dogs?

Jogs For Dogs connects Great Runners with Amazing Dogs. Somewhere in your neighborhood is a fun, hard-working student who needs a mid-day study break, or a fit and fast retiree looking for a running partner. When your Pup and that Runner get together, everybody wins! Stay fit with a Friend!

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Need Help Finding a Runner?

Tell us a bit about your pooch and we will help connect you with a great jogger in your neighborhood for a free Meet & Greet!