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Jogs for Dogs Certified

JFD Certified Runners are the top of the pack! At JFD our goal is to set up Dog Owners with professional, responsible, reliable, and awesome Dog Runners. Certified Joggers undergo serious hands-on training and are certified by Jogs for Dogs.

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What is Jogs for Dogs?

Jogs For Dogs connects top noch dog enthusiasts with amazing Dogs. Ensure that your dog gets the type of care he needs with Jogs For Dogs. Whether it's a mid-day run while you are at work, or a dedicated sitter, Jogs For Dogs connects you with the dog care you need.

Watch your Dog live!

Whether you're away on vacation or sitting in your office, you'll feel like you are there with your pup by following your dog live from any device! Watch a live view of location, run stats, photos and even a potty break count!



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