About Us

Welcome to Jogs For Dogs, learn a bit about our story!

Our philosophy is simple

We believe all Dogs need and deserve care, attention, and exercise. And we know Runners value companionship, routine, and a good workout almost as much as your Dog does, as well as the opportunity to earn some extra money. Jogs for Dogs is a platform for Dogs and Runners to connect.

Our Story

In 2006 our Founder, Brendan, was just finishing up his final year at the University of Washington when he began running with dogs in his Seattle, Washington neighborhood. He figured this was a great way to make some extra cash, stay fit, and finally catch up on all that puppy time he’d been missing out on the last few years while at school.

After graduating and trying out a career as a Grown Up with a Real Job, he decided that life was just more fun spent outside, getting exercise, playing with dogs. And so, in the Spring of 2007 JFD was founded with the mission of, “Connecting Great Runners with Amazing Dogs!”

Right off the bat, JFD noticed an interesting phenomenon. We were contacted not just by potential clients, but also by crowds of folks interested in becoming employees. Turns out people want to run with dogs! Walking dogs is a job. But running dogs is fun, a great workout, and a wonderful way to make extra cash.

The Jogs For Dogs model resonated with people, and as the numbers of interested clients and employees grew, we realized we were outgrowing the home office, and our original business model. By creating a platform for runners and dogs to meet, we could get thousands more people running, panting, and smiling.

Today we’re excited to bring JFD to an ever widening audience. Runners and Dog Owners are now connecting on JFD in all fifty states, thirteen countries, and four continents. Our runners over the years have included: students, teachers, stay-at-home dads and moms, retirees, lawyers, mechanics, and just about everyone else. We have taken thousands of dogs, from Miniature Poodles to Great Danes, on awesome runs, totaling hundreds of thousands of miles, and we’re only just getting started!

In the Press

Meet the Jogs For Dogs Team

Brendan Fahey

Brendan Fahey


Brendan started running with pups during his senior year at the University of Washington where he studied sailing, drinking (coffee!), and running full time. He also studied Geo and Astrophysics part-time. After school he tried to be an adult with a real job and real responsibilities before deciding that life is just more fun running with dogs. Brendan has been running dogs, “building” websites, and meeting awesome Dog Owners and Runners since 2007. In a moment of inspiration, he decided that “Runs With Dogs” didn’t quite sound as awesome as “Jogs For Dogs”. He’s jogged with over 300 different pups, a total of some 15,000 miles. That’s a lot of potty breaks. Brendan loves running, hiking, sailing, skiing, dogs, (large) cats, markets, creative economies, crazy ideas, interesting people, traveling, flip flops, sunshine, and salt water in his hair.

Mike Holt

Micheal Holt


Michael’s career in technology began by writing an application that made his own job obsolete. Michael then started his own software shop, working directly with small businesses to solve their domain-specific problems. The idea was that, eventually – he might stumble on something he could turn into a product. This happened less than 1 year later. The product was an online ordering system that integrated directly with a restaurant’s Point-of-Sale Software. Orders from customers online would flow directly into the POS, and print to the kitchen from a menu that was synced automatically. The product grew quickly (50 sites in 8 months) – and was acquired. Michael then spent the next 5 years working in all areas of that industry building broad technical, and business experience. Craving the entrepreneurial environment again, Michael joined Jogs for Dogs. He is excited to be creating an fresh peer-to-peer platform that is focused on fitness and our furry friends.

Marin Van Schaik

Marin Van Schaik


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Marin has been intrigued with new technologies from a young age. In her early years she worked for Alaska Airlines designing online training materials, dabbled in freelance web design and interned with a number of design agencies in the Seattle area. During her time studying Communications and Computer Science at the University of Washington, Marin applied this curiosity and experience toward a handful of start-up projects ranging from online communities for travelers to digital receipts. After graduating, Marin spent 4 years working in branding and digital project design where she oversaw a company wide re-brands, built and managed a system of international corporate websites and intranets, and served as lead front-end developer for a learning management system. Having been involved with Jogs For Dogs from it’s initial conception, Marin is excited to be on board making “things look pretty” and ensuring the best user experience for both Joggers and Pups!