~$25 per jog, stay in shape, set your own schedule!

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Training Session

Seattle, WA


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Are you an avid runner & dog lover in the Seattle area? Then you should consider becoming a Jogs For Dogs runner! To become a runner in Seattle, you need the attend a training at our headquarters in Fremont. Trainings are fun and allow you to learn how the Jogs For Dogs platform works, meet other Runners, and learn about dog jogging safety from our best runners! We are offering lots of traing options this spring so please come join us, we look foward to meeting you and seeing if you and Jogs For Dogs are a great fit!


JUNE 17, 2015

6pm - 8pm

315 N 36th Street
Fremont, Seattle WA 98103


July 15th

6pm - 8pm

315 N 36th Street
Fremont, Seattle WA 98103


Why become a Jogs For Dogs Runner?


Get in shape and stay in shape

Running dogs is awesome! Miles fly by when you’re distracted by a wagging tail and slobbering tongue! Being a Dog Runner can lend the benefit of a steady routine, essential in achieving fitness goals. Show up at your regularly scheduled runs (maybe once a week, maybe 5 times a week, whatever you choose) and your canine companion will cheer you on like a teammate.


Get a loyal jogging partner

Owners who use JFD love their Dogs like family and give them the best. That’s why they hire you! Walking Dogs is work. Running Dogs is AWESOME! Look forward to working with great Dogs and great Owners alike. You and your canine fitness partner will become fast friends, and you’ll look forward to each and every run, rain or shine!


Earn some extra cash

Ultimately it’s your decision which dogs you run and when. You also decide how much to charge your clients. A typical 45 minute run is around $25. Whether you are a student, stay at home dad, teacher, realtor, lawyer, or anyone with an hour to spare in your day, JFD is a great way to make some extra cash.

Jogs For Dogs Certified

JFD Certified Runners are the top of the pack!

Jogs For Dogs Certified Runners undergo serious hands-on training and are certified by Jogs for Dogs.

Becoming Certified


We want to make sure that JFD Certified Runners are the top of the pack, and the best possible solution to your Pup’s exercise needs! When Runners apply to JFD, we review each and every detail of their resume and call their references to confirm that they are in fact AWESOME.


After a JFD Certified candidate has been reviewed, and passed with flying colors, we have them come to JFD for a some real face time. This is our chance to not get to know each Runner personally. We also take this opportunity to share the JFD culture with potential Runners. We think connecting Dogs and Runners is pretty awesome, truly a win-win, and we want to make sure that JFD Certified Runners are as psyched about it as we are!


Here’s where the real fun begins! JFD Certified candidates join us for a training session with several other candidates and dogs. JFD training covers everything from health and safety, to running with a waste bag (ewww!). We also go over all the aspects of scheduling, managing, and tracking runs through the JFD platform and app. And of course, we run with dogs!


When a Runner has been successfully reviewed, interviewed, and trained, they join our pack of top Jogs For Dogs Athletes and become JFD Certified.