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Most dogs require at least 45 minutes per day of aerobic exercise. Dogs are not all that different than humans when it comes to exercise, some need a lot to stay healthy, and some need less. But, regardless of size, breed, and age, all dogs need sufficient exercise that most dogs cannot get from simply walking. Walks are great for socializing and certainly any exercise is better than no exercise. However, at Jogs For Dogs we have a specific focus: getting your dog fit for a healthy and happy life.
No, Runners listed on www.jogsfordogs.com are not employed by Jogs For Dogs. The Runners listed on our site have access to information and services that make for a great Dog Runner. However, it is the responsibility of Dog Owners to search, contact, interview, and consult with each Dog Runner they wish to hire.
Jogs For Dogs is committed to building the best, easiest, and safest way to connect Dog Owners with Dog Runners. You are never charged for a jog until it has been compleated! When a jog wraps up, you recieve a Jog Summary and reciept. We have partnered with Balanced Payments to ensure that all of your financial information is securely protected to the highest degree.
Besides staying fit, and having fun with a great pup, you also get to make money! BEST JOB EVER! Getting paid for runs couldn’t be easier. By using our companion App, you can simply “Complete” the run and your Client (The Dog’s Owner) will get a Jog Summary. When your client “Accepts your Jog Summary, they are charged, and your JFD account gets funded. Transferring money from your JFD Account to your bank account takes just a few clicks. Depending on your Banking institution, the funds are transferred immediately, or may take up to 3 days. To keep you jogging, and us running, we collect a 15% processing fee.
Absolutely not! If you are going to be away during your dog’s jog you should thoroughly discuss this with your Runner ahead of time. Lots of Dogs are cooped up inside all day long, or stuck in a backyard, while their owners are away at work (or on vacation). Trying to solve this problem was one of the major reasons Jogs For Dogs was founded.
Safety is at the top of the list. Again, you should consult each of your Runners and discuss Safety with them. You should make sure that your runner never runs across busy streets, listens to ipods, runs in dangerous areas where off-leash dogs might be, jaywalks, or puts your dog in any unnecessary situation.
Not every Runner and Dog are a perfect match. You should take the time to find the right runner for your Dog. Make sure you check out several Runner Profiles. Often a Runner/Dog relationship can last several years or longer! Send potential Runners a Message and set up a quick 15-30 minute “Meet and Greet.” This is a great opportunity to get to know your Runner and see what kind of chemistry they have with your Dog. Ask questions about past running experience, and dog experience. Bring up any concerns you might have, or any special needs your Pup has. Your Runner will ask you questions about your Dog’s history, temperament, health, and fitness level. Remember: JFD Runners are interested in serious exercise and a sincere relationship with your Dog!